Mojave Gold: Recipient of the 4th Annual Cheesemaker Grant Award

A small goat dairy in Southern California receives $10,000 grant to support artisan goat cheese production and sustainable farming practices
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The California Artisan Cheese Guild is pleased to announce the recipient of the 4th annual Jennifer Bice Artisan Dairy/Cheesemaker Grant Award. Nicolette Grill, owner of Mojave Gold Inc., a small goat dairy located in the high desert of Southern California, has been chosen from numerous CACG member applicants.

Grill established Mojave Gold Inc. in 2014 along the Mojave River, halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and milks 30 dairy goats on twenty-five acres of green pasture in the Mojave Desert. On her small-scale goat dairy, she makes artisan goat cheese, goat's milk caramel, USDA whey-fed heritage pork, and USDA pasture-raised lamb.

This is the fourth annual grant award of $10,000 that Jennifer Bice, Founder of Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery, has so generously offered as a means to support and mentor newer cheesemakers and dairy farmers in California. Bice helped establish the California Artisan Cheese Guild in 2006 and served as a founding board member.

The grant award stipulates that the recipient be a CACG member, and that funds be used for creamery or farm infrastructure, or for education that relates to improving farming or business practices.

Discover Mojave Gold's cheeses, and where to purchase them, here.


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