Lots of great information about artisan cheesemakers.
Meeting the baby goats (kids) at Toluma Farms.
Succeeding as a family-run dairy farm requires constant reinvention and business pivoting in order to compete with the big guys.
Gift the gift of cheese (and lots more)!
Kristy and Evan Bishop's offerings include farmstead sheep's milk cheese
This is our most requested cheese!
Honoring the remarkable and lasting legacy of Sue Conley and Peggy Smith, founders of Cowgirl Creamery.
From creamy Northern Gold to robust Black Butte Reserve, Pedrozo's farmstead cheeses and artisanal creations are a testament to their passion for quality.
Father-daughter cheese makers at Stuyt Dairy Farmstead craft their raw milk Dutch-style cheeses, including El Capitan, Diamond Reserve, and Mild Gouda.
Explore the rich heritage of Joe Matos Cheese, a family-owned creamery continuing the legacy of St. Jorge cheese from the Azores.
Join the 4th generation Mateo Fiscalini family in their journey to create exceptional artisanal cheeses, renowned cheddar, alpine-style Lionza, and more.
A small goat dairy in Southern California receives $10,000 grant to support artisan goat cheese production and sustainable farming practices
Explore the Dairy Partners Collection by Cowgirl Creamery, home deliveries from Achadinha Cheese Co, and Nicolau Farms' delectable farm-fresh meals.
Culture Magazine discovers the story behind The California Cheese Trail with founder Vivien Straus, uncovering exciting cheesemakers along the way
Experience Peppercorn Goat Cheese from Springhill Farmstead, the cheese club at Stepladder Creamery, and gourmet offerings at Oakdale Cheese.
Mouthwatering burger meal kits, farmboxes with essentials, and delectable Redwood Coast cheeses
Stand by local cheese makers and farmers during challenging times. Discover curbside pickups, online shops, and gift certificates for a cheesy journey!
Discover the unique and flavorful cheeses of Bohemian Creamery in Sebastopol, Sonoma County. Don't miss the tour for an informative experience!
In the face of California fires, let's show support to affected businesses and express gratitude to firefighters and the resilient community.
Discover the flavors of California's finest cheeses at Central Coast Creamery's new shop in Santa Cruz's Abbott Square Market.
Experience the delightful flavors of Pedrozo Dairy's raw milk cheese. Meet the family behind it all and explore their farm in Orland, California.
Experience Daily Driver, where fresh Jersey milk is transformed into artisan cheese and golden-yellow butter, and indulge in wood-fired bagels in SF's vibrant Dogpatch neighborhood
Embark on a journey to Stepladder Creamery in Cambria, where generations of farmers craft exquisite goat and cow milk cheeses.
Explore four generations of expertise at Fiscalini Cheese. Visit their farm and creamery for a unique cheese journey. Don't miss their renowned San Joaquin Gold at Whole Foods.
Discover the legacy of Laura Chenel, the pioneer of goat cheese in Sonoma County, and her collaboration with Alice Waters of Chez Panisse.
Visit Bivalve Dairy in Point Reyes and savor their organic, pasture-based cheeses. Discover the latest additions to the California Cheese Trail map.
Discover the ingenuity and farmstead cheeses of Orland Farmstead Creamery. Meet Paul Schmidt and Valerie Miller, the passionate duo behind the operation.
Discover the top resources for beginners. Cowgirl Creamery's Library, Whole Foods' Guide, Cutting the Curd podcast, Cheese for Dummies, and Culture Magazine
Near Petaluma, enjoy farm tours, cheesemaking classes, and fantastic goat and Jersey cow cheeses. Experience farm-to-table firsthand.
Spring farm visits offer unique insights into cheesemaking. Interact with the animals, tour the facilities, and savor an array of cheeses.
Discover the story of Jenny MacKenzie, assistant cheesemaker at Tomales Farmstead Creamery, an award-winning cheese producer.
Discover a variety of carefully curated cheese packages from top California cheesemakers. Perfect for gifting or treating yourself. Click for more details!
Explore California's organic cheese scene, from stringent standards to certified cheesemakers. Delight in their delectable creations.
Experience the charm of Marin French Cheese. Savor their artisanal delights, picnic by the lake, and explore nearby creameries.
Discover the captivating cheeses of Nicolau Farms in Modesto. Try Walter's creamy Bianchina and the award-winning Capra Stanislaus. Farm tours available.
Explore Monterey's cheese legacy and uncover haunted tales in California's original capital. Discover Schoch Family Farmstead and Garden Variety Cheese.
Discover the cheese paradise in Central Valley with Dairy Goddess, Peluso Cheese, and more. Join the Cheese Trail for a taste of California's finest.
Discover Ramini Mozzarella, crafting buffalo mozzarella. Take a tour, savor rare cheese, and enjoy farm-to-table delights. Book your visit now!
Discover the charm of Jollity Farm, nestled in Gold Country. Experience the creamy, flavorful cheeses made from acorn-fed goats. A delightful cheese experience!
"Embark on a Central Coast cheese tour, discover hidden gems like Central Coast Creamery, Stepladder Creamery, and Claravale Farm. A delightful day of tastings and farm experiences!
Escape to Nicasio Valley Cheese Co., a charming creamery in California.Taste their farmstead, organic cow cheese and explore their scenic surroundings!

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