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A man walks through a vibrant field of California Poppies. The flowers are deep red and orange. The man is holding a camera in one hand and a cellphone in the other, presumedly exploring the cheese trail.

Asked Questions

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Can I visit these cheesemakers?

Absolutely! Click here to view our interactive map of California cheesemakers. Each listing will give you details on how to visit and whether you need to set up an appointment. It’s always best to call before making a special trip, as their hours may change.

Are there cheesemaking classes?

Yes! Check our Events page for classes, tastings and farm tours. That page is where you can find all sorts of cheese adventures.

How can my business join?

In addition to California Cheesemakers, we have recently expanded our partnership options to include cheese retailers, educators, event hosts, and more. Please visit our Join Us page to learn more.

How do I visit a cheesemaker that is only open by appointment?

Each cheesemaker will list how they prefer to be contacted. Check their listing. Those open by appointment often need at least a month of planning, and usually can’t accommodate a last-minute visit. But, you never know unless you ask!