Bohemian Creamery: Creative Artisanal Cheeses in Sonoma County

Discover the unique and flavorful cheeses of Bohemian Creamery in Sebastopol, Sonoma County. Don't miss the tour for an informative experience!
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One of Sonoma County’s most creative artisanal creameries, Bohemian Creamery offers a variety of goat, cow, sheep, and bufala milk cheeses.

Bohemian Creamery is a one-of-kind creamery with over 17 different cheeses on its roster. Owned by Lisa Gottreich, it lies just a mile outside downtown Sebastopol California on a hilltop overlooking the Laguna de Santa Rosa, the Mayacama mountains and their herd of Alpine dairy goats. It's Lisa's creativity that makes this place so unique. Each cheese looks, smells and tastes different than any cheese you've ever tried. Lisa mixes milks and tries out combinations of cultures that make her tiny creamery explode with passion and color. You will find her cheeses on the menu at some of the best Bay Area restaurants.

With goats on-site, and spring clover enriching their milk, the wild blue rye molds powder the natural rind cheeses and the salty marine layer infuses the aging rooms. It is here where the inspiration for all Lisa’s unique goat, sheep and cow cheeses are born. Best of all, the shop is open and Lisa leads a fantastic tour that truly explains how cheese is made. You will walk away so well-informed.

  • Twist & Shout: Shaped from a 1,200 year old remedy presented to the Queen of Sicily to lift her from her dark spirits. A sheep’s milk cheese infused with saffron and toasted peppercorns then cooked for hours in its own whey before it is aged for a three month minimum. Smaller format is dipped into beeswax for a softer, sweeter confection. (Photo by Lena Karalnik)
  • Bo Peep: a small, semi-soft round of bloomy ripened sheep milk cheese, mild and richly moist. Perfect with fresh fruit or compote. (Photo by Mission Cheese)
  • Boho Belle: Is made with organic Jersey cow milk in the Bel Paese tradition. Each wheel is aged 6-8 weeks to allow for the natural development of geotrichum, a thin layer of white mold that enhances the vanilla flavors of this soft, rich cheese and helps maintain its deep, yellow rind. A semi-soft paste, Boho Belle is the perfect finish to any dessert. Its creamy texture and subtle finish pair nicely with bolder wines and fresh fruit.
  • Poco Loco: a soft-ripened wonderfully gooey round of bright white delectable water buffalo milk cheese laced with a sprinkling of Italian ground coffee bean for something entirely different. Balanced between fresh and ripe, perfect with summer salads, bread and fruit, but with enough power to sidle up to bolder wines.
  • Surf and Turf: an organic goat’s milk cheese ripened to a soft thickness in a St. Maure style cylinder, then rolled through a layer of Sonoma Coast harvested toasted nori seaweed and lightly aged. (Photo by: Macphail Wines)

For shop and tour information, click HERE.


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