A Taste of Dutch Tradition at Stuyt Dairy Farmstead

Father-daughter cheese makers at Stuyt Dairy Farmstead craft their raw milk Dutch-style cheeses, including El Capitan, Diamond Reserve, and Mild Gouda.
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Visit this father-daughter cheesemaking tandem in Escalon, located in California's Central Valley. Rick and his daughter, Anastasia Stuyt, are the cheesemakers. They use only a small percentage of the milk produced on their dairy to make an Artisanal Farmstead Raw Milk Cheese. Their cheese is best described as a Dutch-style cheese, handmade from their farm's raw cow's milk.

Stuyt cheese is aged a minimum of 60 days, but 90 days is preferred for the best flavor. Pictured here are:

  1. El Capitan, a fully aged raw cow's milk Spanish-style cheese.
  2. Diamond Reserve, a raw cow's milk Gouda-style cheese aged over 9 months.
  3. A mild raw cow's milk Gouda aged 2-4 months.

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Visit their shop daily, order online, and support your local cheesemaker!

Photo Credit: @deniseroccophotography


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