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Epicurean Connection

Cow's Milk

A triple cream fresh cow milk cheese, made by The Epicurean Connection.

Created by Sheana Davis, The Epicurean Connection.

A Creamy, spreadable & velvety texture cheese with a  sweet cream finish.

Certified non GMO and Kosher.

Slow Food Snail of Approval 2023.

Serve sweet or savory with fresh or dried fruits, jams and chutney.

Available wholesale and retail at The Epicurean Connection.


Hi, we’re Sheana and Ben

Sheana Davis, an esteemed cheesemaker hailing from Sonoma Valley, possesses a wealth of experience as a culinary educator and is the visionary behind The Epicurean Connection. For over 25 years, she has wholeheartedly championed the artisan and farmstead cheese movement.

Born and raised in the scenic regions of Napa and Sonoma, Ben Sessions is deeply rooted in the wine country. Naturally drawn to this world, he has embraced his role as our wine educator, expertly guiding our cheese classes. Don’t forget to inquire about his acclaimed creation, the Brie Brûlée, which showcases his distinctive touch.

As an accolade-decorated cheesemaker, Sheana proudly unveiled her own cheeses. In 2009, she introduced Delice de la Vallee, followed by the release of Creme de Fromage in 2013. Notably, Creme de Fromage clinched the prestigious ACS 1st Place award in 2010, propelling it onto the national market. These exquisite cheeses are exclusively available for purchase at The Epicurean Connection and are prominently featured on the menus of esteemed chefs throughout the wider Bay Area.

Sharing their extensive knowledge and passion, Sheana and Ben conduct captivating cooking and cheesemaking classes, both in-person and virtually. Additionally, their corporate team-building classes have gained recognition as a delightful way for groups to bond while enjoying themselves. Sheana frequently makes guest appearances as a celebrated chef at local and national culinary events.

During their leisure time, they indulge in their love for travel, with a particular fondness for the vibrant city of New Orleans. Sheana and Ben call Sonoma home, where they reside with their cherished pets, Melbi the dog and Spicoli the cat. Sheana’s daughter, Karina, resides in Santa Cruz, recently completing her studies at UCSC. She has also collaborated with Sheana on the co-authorship of the book “Buttermonger.”

“Being actively engaged in and supporting our community is not just a part of what we do, it’s who we are. We wholeheartedly support and collaborate with the following organizations. We are so honored to have received the Slow Food Award.”


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