Sonoma Loop #2

3 Locations | 9 Miles

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Start at The Barlow, the outdoor, chic industrial shopping district, where you can find Wm. Cofield nestled just around the corner from the center road. British-Style cheddar and blue cheese await - order a cheese plate and sit outside. Then head out of town. Just five minutes away, make a left on Occidental Road to try the rustic-style cheeses of Bohemian Creamery, a goat farm and cheese shop. You may picnic there or take one of their creamery tours on Saturday and Sunday at 1pm (check their website for details and to sign up). Then continue on Occidental Road, make a right on Llano Road to find the Matos Cheese Factory, a small farm with a creamery on site. Sample St. George, a buttery semi-hard cheese made in the style of the Portuguese Azores.

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01Wm. Cofield Cheesemakers

Keith Adams and Rob Hunter, college friends who reconnected, have started a new venture in the Sebastopol Barlow. Starting out with fresh curds, they soon will release their Stilton-style blue and a Clothbound Cheddar. Stop by their creamery and retail shop that carries not only their cheese, but the best of the local cheeses and other select favorites.

02Bohemian Creamery

Bohemiann Creamery is home to some of California’s most wildly individual cheeses, all hand-crafted in a tiny hilltop creamery that overlooks Mt. Saint Helena. The storefront and comfortable patio are open for cheese samples, cheese plates, an ever-changing array of other dairy delicacies, and regular Saturday and Sunday tours.

03Joe Matos Cheese Factory

Joe and Mary Matos grew up on the lush volcanic island of Sao Jorge in the Portuguese Azores. It happens to be an island that is noted for its delicious cheeses. When Joe and Mary relocated to Santa Rosa in the 1970s, they carried the recipe for their homeland's native cheese with them. St. George -- named for the island -- is a full-flavored cow milk cheese with a cheddary depth and a rich texture.

Today, the 6th and 7th generations continue the Matos family legacy of hand making raw milk farmstead St. Jorge cheese.

Drive up the driveway of their farm to find their shop and aging room in the barn. If you don't see anyone, ring the bell for attention. They will cut a hunk of their famous St. George cheese for you to sample and then you can purchase.