Discover Cheese Vacations in California: Insights from Vivien Straus

Join the California Now Podcast as Vivien Straus, founder of California Cheese Trail, shares her passion for creameries and the delights of cheese vacations.
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Our founder Vivien Straus joins host Soterios Johnson on the latest episode of the California Now Podcast.

Soterios Johnson, veteran radio journalist and former host of NPR’s Morning Edition, recently hosted the California Now Podcast. The episode was an exciting trio of interviews. It began with Soterios talking with Ryan Friesen, the head distiller at the Blinking Owl distillery in Santa Ana. Friesen, who is also the vice president of the California Distiller's Guild, had many recommendations for adventurous imbibers.

At the 12:53 mark, Johnson is joined by California Cheese Trail founder Vivien Straus. This self-described “cheese girl” grew up on the West Coast's first organic dairy farm and had a lot to share about the sights, smells, tastes, and sounds of a California creamery.

The episode concludes with a conversation with Lucas Kwan Peterson. He's the host of the Los Angeles Times’ new video series, Off Menu, which chronicles his culinary explorations of Southern California, especially the rich Asian culinary scene he discovered there.

Listen to the podcast and enjoy!

[Cowgirl Creamery's Hop Along]


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