Franklin's Teleme is back!

This is our most requested cheese!
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Glorious News! Franklin's Teleme cheese - a rare, and in recent times discontinued - is BACK!

This is our most requested cheese!

Food / cheese journalist Janet Fletcher describes Franklin's Teleme this way:

The “new” Teleme has every loveable quality I recall from before: a milky, yeasty aroma, buttery flavor and gentle crème fraiche tang. A fat, floppy slice from the 6-pound square looks like bread dough, with an open, yielding texture like no other cheese I know.
For my fellow curd nerds who appreciate these details, Franklin’s Teleme is a lightly cooked, gently pressed, washed-curd cheese. At about four days old, the squares are floured, wrapped in heavy paper and refrigerated. They’re released at about two weeks, when they are semisoft, sliceable and delicate in flavor. Over the next three to four weeks, an uncut square will get softer, even runny, and develop a more pronounced taste. I love it at every stage."

Check here for a list of cheese shops currently selling Frankin's Teleme. It's in limited quantities, so be sure to call ahead to make sure it's in stock. And, if you spot it elsewhere, please share the good news. Woo hoo!

Read more about Franklin's Teleme in Janet's excellent article on her Planet Cheese blog from August 29, 2023.

Photo: Janet Fletcher, Planet Cheese blog, (2023)


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