The Delights of Pedrozo Dairy & Cheese Co

From creamy Northern Gold to robust Black Butte Reserve, Pedrozo's farmstead cheeses and artisanal creations are a testament to their passion for quality.
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Meet Pedrozo Dairy, a small family-run farmstead cheesemaker. Pedrozo Dairy Cheese Co. started a little more than 20 years ago in Orland. Their raw milk cheese is made from the milk of their small herd of around 20 cows. These cows are of various, little-known breeds and graze in the fields between their house, the barn, and the creamery. This place is special.

Northern Gold is a semi-firm, rich, and creamy cow's milk cheese. Black Butte Reserve is a cheese made only in the spring and is aged for 6 months. It's a robust cheese with sharp and grassy flavors. They also offer feta, peppercorn, garlic herb, and sweet Italian red pepper flavored cheeses.

Reach out to Tim, Jill, Tom, or Laura to learn more about their cheese and farm! Alternatively, you can visit them on Raw Milk Cheese Day or when the Sierra Oro Farm Trail is open. You can also visit them online at



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