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A semi hard aged goat milk cheese from an Old World Portuguese recipe. Similar to a sheep milk Manchego our Idylwild is aged a minimum of 90 days. If aged longer it becomes more dry with the driest texture on the outer rind. Named after the local mountain town of Idyllwild, California, East of our farm.

Drake Family Farms in Ontario California produces Artisan Farmstead Goat Cheese with milk from their own award-winning dairy goats of the Saanen, Nubian, and Alpine varieties (By the way, every goat has a name). It is really hard to decide who are the biggest stars on the farm, the happy goats packed with personality, the amazingly smooth creamy cheese, or the passionate team members making it all happen…oh and maybe Dr. Dan. By the way, did we mention, every goat has a name.

In 1984, a 4-H project with one goat named “Glacier,” on his parent's historic Drake Family Farm in Utah gave way to a passion for goats which led to a herd of goats. Who would have seen that coming? In 2010, that passion eventually led to a Drake Family Farms here in California.

On the way there, this 4-H’er finished veterinary medicine at UC Davis. He is now Dr. Dan (Drake) overseeing an Artisan Farmstead and providing veterinary care to many dairy farms’ herds in the Inland Empire. Looking at the picture of Dr. Dan and Azule (pictured below) it seems it is working out okay. There is always a lot going on at the farm and beyond.

You will find Drake Family Farm’s Artisan Farmstead Goats Cheese on the menu at many fine eateries in SoCal like Mendocino Farms, Simmzy's, and Sweetgreen as well as at Local SoCal Farmers Markets, Retail Outlets, and of course here at our online store. What makes great Artisan Farmstead Goat Cheese…happy goats…plus an amazing team of goat fans taking care of them 24/7. Dr. Dan reminds you to “Say Cheese”!!!

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