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If you happen to be stopping at Mercey Hot Springs in the center of California (something we’d all like to do, right?) and are looking for a cheese adventure, stop by Claravale Farm, home of cows and goats and milk in glass bottles and small batches of cheese. They’re open Mon-Sat, 10-6. Then, head north and through the Great Valley Grasslands State Park into farm country to stop at the remote Peluso Cheese, home of the much sought after Teleme cheese, a rice-coated cheese perfect for polenta. The cheese, made on site, is available for sale in the front office refrigerator. Make sure to call ahead to guarantee they’re open.

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01Claravale Farm

Claravale Farm is a small Jersey cow and goat dairy best known for producing raw milk in glass bottles. In addition they make a limited amount of raw milk, natural rind, bacterial rennet, Gouda style farmstead cheese. It's only available at Farmers Markets in Mountain View (Sunday 8:30 am -1:00 pm) or Saratoga (Saturday 8:30 am - 1:00 pm)or directly from the dairy. Available cut or as whole wheels (4-6 lbs). Whole wheels can be shipped (call for details). Wheels need to be ordered in advance (831-628-3219).

02Peluso Cheese

Started by Giovanni Peluso in 1919 in Los Banos, California, Peluso Cheese has an array of cheeses. Their Tomales Bay Teleme - an original style that gets creamier with time, its rind dusted with rice flour - is made from a recipe purchased from the original creator of this much-loved cheese. Also made on-site are fresh Mexican and Central American cheeses. Their full array of cheeses include Tomales Bay Teleme Cheese, Mexican cheeses: Cotija, Queso Fresco, Panela, Doble Crema, Requeson, and Central American cheeses: Queso Freir and Chontaleño. Their Teleme cheese is currently only available by stopping by or calling to request shipment. Soon, their website will allow online ordering.